The Triton Reference is an evolution of everything GoldenEar achieved with the Triton One, but taken to a stunning new level of sonic performance and sophisticated visual design.

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All the components in the Reference – the active sub-bass drivers, upper-bass/midrange drivers, and high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter – are new, and have been specifically developed for use in the Reference.

The fully balanced crossover is, of course, specially engineered for the Reference, and the powerful subwoofer amplifier and 56-bit DSP control unit are an evolution of those used in the Triton One and our SuperSubs.




Sleek, statuesque and refined, the Reference is simply a gorgeous statement piece that will excite listeners with its dynamic visual presence, as well as its extraordinary sonic performance.


High-Gauss Neodymium Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Tweeter

Tweeter Diaphragm is a High Temperature Film50% Larger High-Power Neodymium MagnetSqueezes/Pressurizes Air Instead of Pushing ItGreater Control, Smoother More Extended ResponseVanishingly Low Distortion

Dramatically Improved Dynamic Range and Detail

High-Definition 6?? Cast-Basket Reference Bass/Midrange Drivers

GoldenEar Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP) DesignRigid Free-Flow Cast-Basket ChassisProprietary Computer Optimized Cone TopologyHigh-Gauss Focused Field™ Magnet Assembly1?? High-Temperature Kapton Former Voice Coil

Extremely Extended Resonant-Free Linear Frequency Response Characteristics

6?? x 10?? Long-Throw Quadratic Reference Sub-Bass Drivers

Ultra-Long ThrowGlass Fiber and Nomex® Composite ConeHuge, High-Gauss Focused Field™ Magnet Assembly1.5?? High-Temperature Aluminum Voice-CoilQuadratic Cone topology for Maximum Cone Surface Optimization

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