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We are moving, still not not sure where yet, but as soon as we do we will let you know.

Take advantage of our entire inventory reductions. Deals that only come around once in a lifetime.

While they last, every receiver, every speaker including book-shelf, tower, in wall in ceiling and outdoor model, sub-woofer, cable, headphone, projector, screen, turntable, bracket, theater seats, credenzas, racks,amplifiers, pre-amps, used gear, surge protectors, speaker stands and more.

Here are just a FEW samples.

Amazing Savings on Every In-Stock Product

Display Unit
WAS $8000  Now $4999.99

All Palliser display seating – 30% off
All Furman/Panamax display units – 30% off
All Turntables on display – 30% off 
All Audioquest Analog Cables – 30% off




Save on every speaker in-stock or on display

Sonance Cinema Series In Ceiling Speaker package (display units) 3 front and two rears
Was $5100.00 Now $1999.00

GoldenEar, Klipsch, PSB, SVS, JL Audio, Sonance, Origin and more.
No coupons needed to get extended savings on these great display items from the brands we all love

All Brands – In Ceiling or in wall – displays – 30 – 40% off
Klipsch , all displays  – 25% off
PSB speakers all in stock or on display – 25% off
SVS all on display – 15% off

So Much More 

We have items for every room in the house at crazy low prices.

All BDI and Salamander Credenzas on display – 30% off
Sony VPLVW1000ES 4K projector BStk demo Was $25,000  Now $7500
AudioQuest Power cords in stock 25% off
NAD Master and Classic series on display 30% off
All Master&Dynamic Headphones in stock 20% off

Runco VX22D with Autoscope lens and a 135″ Dalite screen
Was $60,000 Now $4,000

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