Feeling Protected?

You did all the research. You listened to your friends, neighbors, and even the salesperson at the electronics store and when you decided to spend some of your hard-earned money on that new piece of gear, or system, you also purchased a surge protector to plug it all in so you would be protected from power surges. It was the right thing to do! That was also 5 years ago- and you have not thought about it since… Here’s the issue- the majority of surge protectors out there (there are some differences- we will cover that in another blog) lose their effectiveness over time, and you have no way of knowing! The most popular method of surge protection is the use of a device called a metal oxide varistor (MOV), it’s basically a sacrificial device that when it sees a large surge of power it gives it’s life to channel it away from your gear. However- it only gets to do that once! Also, over time as it encounters the daily barrage of small spikes and surges that exist, it wears down, eventually to a point it won’t do its job when the big one comes. There is really no method to know how effective a surge protector is over time. Some have a light that indicates it’s working properly, but those are not always correct either. How long they last are a mixture of the quality of the device and the number of small surges and spikes they take, which can vary greatly from house to house, even room to room, because devices in a room on the... read more

Simplify Your Life!

  It seems that every device has its own remote control these days. Your TV, cable or satellite box, Bluray or DVD player, and soundbar are just the beginning, and that’s just to watch TV! Add to that a surround system and music players in other areas of the house and you easily have 6-7 remotes that you are juggling to try and use your gear. In order to save your sanity and make your life more enjoyable, a universal remote control system could be just the ticket! Most good quality universal remote control systems can be custom programmed (meaning that they are not limited to preset codes) for the exact components that you are currently using. This gives us the ability to really dial in all your gear to a single easy to use interface. Once the control system is properly programmed, the operation is simple! Press the watch button and a list of your video sources (i.e TV, cable/satellite, BluRay/DVD) will pop up. Simply press the button corresponding to the source you want to watch and the remote will automatically send a set of commands telling all of the components what they need to do. The same holds true for listening to music. No more fumbling around for the correct remote and hoping you will be on the correct input! Remote control systems can also have options for apps on your electronic devices, turning them into remotes for your system as well. They can even be integrated with lighting, shading, and your thermostats just to name a few additional options.   If you’re tired and frustrated with... read more

The “Not So Simple” Simple TV Installation

We’re guilty of it too- focusing and highlighting the larger, complex, and coolest systems and installations. Let’s face it, looking at photos of installations with 200-inch screens, giant sound systems, awesome outdoor systems, and state of the art home automation systems is fun! It’s the flashy car going down the street, the ring loaded with diamonds, the eye-candy of the industry. We know those systems very well and execute them better than others. But what about those complex “Simple” jobs that at the end of the day go unnoticed after they are done? The ones that really require a pro to do correctly?   Here is a great example of one of those jobs. Hanging your TV over your fireplace is very common these days. The problem is that not all fireplaces are created equal. Some have drywall around them, some a flat brick, or in this case a very uneven and irregular stone. Your new TV is flat- and so is the bracket! A flat bracket on the uneven stone is a recipe for a challenge!             That’s where having the pro’s come in is paramount. Our installers know just what to do. They layout the ideal placement on the stone, scope out the edges and figure out how to both work with what the stone gives you, find the correct structure to mount into so the TV is secure, and plan out just the right hardware to make the backplate straight, flat, and level! In this case, as you can see in the picture the best place for the mounting plate was... read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for your trust in our company to keep your home connected and ensure it stays a place full of warm memories for the future. May your home be filled with joy, kindness, and laughter this Thanksgiving... read more

4K Over the Air Update

Check out this article: Today’s 4K/Ultra HD sets look so amazing with the current broadcast signals imagine what actual 4K broadcasts will look like. http://www.tvtechnology.com/broadcast-engineering/0029/a-look-inside-the-cleveland-futurecasts-atsc-30-transmission-test/276567 ATSC3.0 looks very cool, and looks like it will be not too big a deal for broadcasters to adopt. Note that a single transmitter sends 3 simultaneous feeds at one time, 4K, 720P, and 480! Why three? Much easier for mobile broadcast of lower res- setting the stage for in-vehicle... read more

The Little Guys Agree

“Bluesound is the best sounding, most enjoyable wireless music system that I’ve reviewed” – John Sciacca The Little Guys Agree. Read the entire review here… http://www.residentialsystems.com/product-reviews/0013/bluesound-generation-2-streaming-music-system-review/87752  ... read more

Bluesound – Generation 2 is here! Really Improves Music Streaming Options

Too often, Generation 2 of a product is a cosmetic change of something that has enjoyed some success. In the case of music streaming with Bluesound, there is so much more. It’s not surprising that the Bluesound product engineers and designers have created a Generation 2 that really makes a difference. Not only is there an exceptional cosmetic change (after all, the first generation looked pretty good…). But the real change comes in the form of added features and improved performance. So now, get exceptional performance regardless of the source: stream music via the internet, play your own music files from your network, or play your music files from any blue tooth device. And, to top it all off, get great performance at an extremely fair price. Combining the new changes with what was already the best product in the marketplace keeps Bluesound at the head of the class.  Come to the store to check out all of the amazing Bluesound – Generation 2 products! Here is a list of the the changes in Generation 2: TWO completely new speakers added to the family Totally new compact industrial design Analog INPUT Addition Optical INPUT Addition Built-In Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX IR Control “TV Connect” IR Learning Ability Front Panel Headphone output Dedicated high performance headphone amplifier Added Digital Coaxial output (Node 2 and Vault 2) Gigabit Ethernet Advanced Wi-Fi design with improved... read more
Blown Away By Dolby Atmos

Blown Away By Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos OK, so I admit that after many years in the industry I am somewhat jaded and when there is a new best ever I am skeptical. I have seen some amazing technologies over the years, and some pretty sub-par ones as well. Well I think Dolby Atmos is the single best advancement in Home Theater sound ever. It is truly an experience to behold. Instead of sound coming from the left or the right it comes from specific spots all over the room, just as the director intended. Let us show you how it can be integrated into your existing system or created from the beginning with some simple speaker placement and the right components. While we love the dedicated theater room experience, Atmos can fit right into your existing living spaces. You decide where… the family room, basement, bedroom and the media area… all Atmos... read more

4k Blu Ray Confirmed Coming In Late 2015

I was just sitting here watching a 4K HDTV from Sony (we also have Samsung and LG versions) and thinking about how amazing the picture is. The detail, the color and the depth is over the top. And I was just watching a cable broadcast. I loaded up a Blu Ray disc and it was even more outstanding. I was trying to imagine just how cool it would be if we had actual 4K blue ray discs, they would be even better. And then a regular customer of ours forwarded me this information from blu-ray.com…   4K Blu-ray Confirmed, Coming in Late 2015 Posted September 5, 2014 11:34 AM by Webmaster 4K Blu-ray is officially on the way. According to Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association Global Promotions Committee, the BDA expects the specs for 4K Blu-ray to be finalized in the first half of 2015, paving the way for commercial availability by the end of the year. This means we can expect to see actual 4K Blu-ray movies and players available in stores by Christmas next year. Apart from the jump to 4K resolution (3840 × 2160p) we can also expect 4K Blu-ray to support higher frame rates (up to 60fps), an expanded color gamut along with high dynamic range (HDR), as well as HEVC/H.265 encoding to compress 4K movies more efficiently and allow for higher bit rates. The group is currently exploring the possibility of increasing the disc capacity to 66GB or 100GB. The news was confirmed by representatives on the show floor at IFA 2014 in Berlin, which opened its doors to visitors... read more

Power Cords Really Do Matter

We get a lot of positive emails and thank you notes at The Little Guys, but this might be one of the best ever. As our regular customers know, we constantly talk about the importance of premium interconnect cables both analog and digital. We also stress how upgrading the removable power cords can make a significant difference in the quality of the picture and a significant improvement in the sound as well. Whether it is on a source component like a cable box, satellite receiver, CD player, Blu-ray unit or on a main component like a TV, Receiver , amplifier or Pre-amp, we have seen significant upgrades in performance just form changing the power cord.  Read below and see just how big a difference a power cord change can be. “I am the director of a large cardiology department in a regional hospital. I most always listened to your program and it really paid off for the patients I care for. I have a number of very high tech 3D ultrasound systems that are critical for diagnosing cardiac conditions. They are also very expensive at about 300k each . They are well maintained by the manufacturer at a premium cost. The reason I am saying this is because when one suddenly stopped transmitting data to the reading physicians through our network I made a service call to GE/Philips. They sent a field service man out who tested every circuit of the system and couldn’t discover why everything about the system worked except the network. In desperation he changed a 40k cpu and it still refused to transmit. We were... read more

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