Power Cords Really Do Matter

We get a lot of positive emails and thank you notes at The Little Guys, but this might be one of the best ever. As our regular customers know, we constantly talk about the importance of premium interconnect cables both analog and digital. We also stress how upgrading the removable power cords can make a significant difference in the quality of the picture and a significant improvement in the sound as well. Whether it is on a source component like a cable box, satellite receiver, CD player, Blu-ray unit or on a main component like a TV, Receiver , amplifier or Pre-amp, we have seen significant upgrades in performance just form changing the power cord.  Read below and see just how big a difference a power cord change can be.

“I am the director of a large cardiology department in a regional hospital. I most always listened to your program and it really paid off for the patients I care for. I have a number of very high tech 3D ultrasound systems that are critical for diagnosing cardiac conditions. They are also very expensive at about 300k each . They are well maintained by the manufacturer at a premium cost. The reason I am saying this is because when one suddenly stopped transmitting data to the reading physicians through our network I made a service call to GE/Philips. They sent a field service man out who tested every circuit of the system and couldn’t discover why everything about the system worked except the network. In desperation he changed a 40k cpu and it still refused to transmit. We were desperate; more service people from corporate came. Same results, nothing. Then I remembered something from your program about power cords. I asked the field service guy if he would humor me and put a heavier gauge power cord on the system. He said the existing one checked out fine but replaced it anyway as a favor to me. INSTANTLY the system began transmitting data good as new. He was shocked (not by the cord) that the machine could operate perfectly in every other way but be just underpowered enough that the network card failed. He sent bullion to all the field service people. We changed out all of our cords on our other units just in case. I want to thank you for teaching me such an important concept. You made a significant change to an industry and made it possible for the continued care of a lot of patients.”

Even in the case of a 300,000.00  diagnostic machine, the manufacturer chose to use a cheap power cord, imagine what your service provider or electronics manufacturers are giving you for free.  So stop by, call or email and let us tweak your system for a high performance experience.