Blown Away By Dolby Atmos

Blown Away By Dolby Atmos

OK, so I admit that after many years in the industry I am somewhat jaded and when there is a new best ever I am skeptical. I have seen some amazing technologies and some pretty sub-par ones as well.

I was sitting in the new Dolby Atmos theater room (equipment listed at the end) and I was seriously blown away. I listened to music videos by artists I would never pay attention to normally and watched movie clips from a variety of films. Every example was over the top amazing, not just real good, but truly amazing.

If you care at all about good sound, or even if you don’t, you need to visit The Little Guys store, 191st and LaGrange Rd in Mokena, and experience Dolby Atmos for yourself. We will let you sit back and relax and truly enjoy the demo.

Equipment List

Integra Processor DHC80.6

JBL Synthisis power amps

GoldenEar Triton Two L/R speakers

GolsenEar Super Center Xl

Golden Ear in wall and in ceiling speakers for the side, rear and overhead Atmos channels.

JL Audio Powered Subwoofers

Furman Surge Protection and Line Conditioning

Savant Control

AudioQuest High Performance interconnects and Power Cords

Stewart Filmscreen Projection Screen

Runco Projector