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The Little Guys Lighting

As you are leaving work open an app in your phone and turn on the air conditioning in your home. As you pull in the driveway you hit the key fob or button on your visor and the lights on the outside and your pathway into the house all light up. While relaxing in the living room you notice it’s too bright, so you close the curtains using your tablet or cell phone. You go to bed that night and are not sure how you left the lights set throughout the house so you hit a single scene button on the nightstand. No worries, everything is set exactly how you want it. Better yet, your smart home can do it automatically for you at whatever set time you desire.

At the press of a button, the lights will brighten, while the shades go down. Press another button, and the lights dim and music plays. Press another, and then the lights go out all over your home. From a single keypad on the wall, a smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the sound, lighting and temperature in any room in the house. We can program certain scenes so lights turn on or off throughout the house at specific times. Control everything that can be controlled in your home, automatically, from a touch panel or any mobile device.

the Little Guys Lighting

There’s always a shade style to suit your home with many options including black-out capabilities to completely darken a room.

Just as there are many styles of shades, there are even more fabric choices. We will work closely with you or your designer to compliment your décor.

Adjust your shades just like your lights with a wall switch, from a separate remote, or as part of an entire automation system. Create a schedule that adjusts them for your family’s needs.

  • Built in sensors can turn off lights when rooms are empty. Advanced systems control multiple rooms, creating the perfect ambience throughout your home.
  • You no longer need that row of ugly light switches. A single scene selector allows you to adjust and preset.



Control 4 Scene Control


  • Set your home temperature at the touch of a button. Replace outdated costly thermostat controls with energy saving, beautifully designed, easy to use options for your home. You can control your thermostat and maximize savings from an app at home or anywhere you have an internet signal.


Control4 Programmable Thermostat


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