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Todays’ technology systems simplify life, but not if no one understands them or can use them after installed. Not only do we work with you to design a simple, easy to use system, but we also take the time so you and your family members can understand and use it. Whether it’s you, someone in your family, or even the babysitter; we design a solution that’s easy to use and understand for all, so you can maximize your enjoyment and your investment in home technology.

The Little Guys Multipurpose TV Room

Here’s a few of our client services that might be of interest to you:

    • Home wiring solutions that offer speed and performance.
    • Technology refresh, update part or all of the technology in place in your home.
    • Adding a TV, flat panel, LED display or projector to one, or multiple rooms, in your home.
    • Streaming music, adding music to your library, or adding audio throughout your home.
    • Temperature control for your important assets such as music equipment (guitars, basses or electronics), network equipment or wine cellar.
    • Setting up your system to manage it remotely from your phone or other device to ensure safety and security of your family and home.


Why Shop At The Little Guys?

We take great pride in making sure our customers are fully satisfied. We stay ahead of the technology curve and experiment on new technology in our facility, not in our customers’ homes. Big box stores just can’t keep the employees long enough to ensure great service. The majority of people working at those stores are on their way to their next job, not entrenched in a career. Our installers, programmers and operations supervisors are the best at what they do and have been with us for a very long time. For The Little Guys it’s personal. We care about our reputation and do everything possible to make all of our customers happy. Our service is what makes the difference.

Though modern technology is extremely reliable, occasionally there’s an issue. Often it’s something simple like a power glitch. Because we’re just a phone call away, we can often troubleshoot the issue remotely. If necessary we can come to your house to start getting everything back to 100%. We’re here when you need us, onsite or off, with the service and support you expect. If you have any equipment trouble, please contact us. We are always happy to help. If you need service please call the store at 708-754-8844. You can also reach David or Evie via email at or


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