But there’s an App for that!

By John Donahue- Senior Programmer at The Little Guys

We touched on this in a recent blog but I felt this needed to be expanded upon a bit.  

We’re living in a dot com world, many devices and systems have their own app today.   Hasn’t this made universal remotes obsolete? I can just grab my phone, open up my app and control my A/V receiver….  Or my TiVo, or my Lights…. Eazy Peazy!

Our phones have certainly made our lives easier. Right?   So much information! So much Control! Well, sure… But when it comes down to it, your phone has just become a virtual “Coffee table full of remotes”.

If I wanted to sit down and watch some TV and just use my apps I’d be switching back and forth through 6 apps!  

  • My TV needs to be turned on and set to the right input,
  • My Receiver needs to be turned on and set to the right input.
  • My TiVo Box needs to be turned on and we need to change channels or pull up my recorded shows.
  • I need to pull up the Sonos app and turn off the music that was playing
  • I need to flip to my Lighting app and adjust the lights.
  • I then go to my thermostat app and turn that up or down.

Or I can just go to the Control4 App and select Watch>TiVo

So even though everything has its own app nowadays, there is still a great need for integration and universal control.  You do not have to go “swipe crazy” on your devices to make your electronic lifestyle easy, it can be a one-app experience! Contact us right away so we can show you how simple it can be!