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It’s a gorgeous evening and music or your favorite sporting event is playing in the background as you relax with friends on the deck. No speakers are visible, yet the sound seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. Because of proper speaker placement, you can actually carry on a conversation while still enjoying the sound in the background. The games over and it’s time to crank up the tunes. You take out your phone and bring up your control app and instantly you are rocking out to your favorites. The surrounding landscape provides an elegant glow. It’s going to be a good night.

The Great Escape – Audio For The Soul

There are few things that reach us as deeply as music. It transports us to a place, a time and a feeling. Compare the sensation you have hearing a song in concert, versus hearing the same song on the radio. Getting concert like sound in your home is the ultimate goal; replicating that live experience. The beauty of todays’ high performance audio is its ease of access and its wide variety. Speakers of all different shapes and sizes, subwoofers to fill any room, massive dedicated power amplifiers, and tiny integrated amps are some of the many options. No matter what your budget, room, or desire, there’s a way to get better quality music into your home. Integrated with a whole home audio system, you’ll have High Fidelity performance and access to your entire music library as well.

Subwoofers create deep bass sounds, and can be located anywhere in a room. Choosing the right subwoofers significantly improves the performance of your main speakers as well. Multiple subs will sound even better than single units.

  • Rugged outdoor speakers liven up any party, from a warm summer cookout to a relaxingly cool fall evening. You can even listen to holiday tunes while making snow forts with the kids.
  • Don’t let ordinary speakers ruin your landscaping. We offer a variety of designs that blend with their surroundings. Near-invisible outdoor subwoofers provide bass that might otherwise disappear.
  • From scenes like Pool Party or Night BBQ to easy favorites like Holiday and Romance, lighting control lets you vary ambience and mood with one touch of a button.

Klipsch Outdoor Speaker

Rock Style Outdoor Speaker

AV That Doesn’t Care About Rain, Sun, Snow

Whether you’re enjoying a pool, a hot tub, a patio, or the expanse of a beautiful lawn, there is a certain peace that comes from being outside. Why give that up to listen to music, or watch TV? Robust, all-weather TVs designed for the elements can live outdoors year round.

All-weather speakers and TV’s combine high fidelity with sealed enclosures to keep Mother Nature out. Don’t want to see the speakers? No problem. With wireless control technology, you can access your entire audio/video library from the yard with speakers that seamlessly blend into your landscape and architecture. Bring your HD picture and hi-fi out into the world and enjoy it under the stars and sun.

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