Maximizing System Performance


Controlling your system from a wireless device is great, and presents virtually no issues. Interconnecting your components within the a system wirelessly can significantly, and negatively, affect system performance., in a negative way. It is always better to use a wired connection wherever possible. A wired network connection has a significant effect on speed for internet connectivity, as well as adding increased reliability. These two improvements increase enjoyment and performance when using the internet, and is especially true when streaming audio or video content.

Wireless technology could theoretically approach wired performance, but rarely even comes close. When it comes to your home entertainment investments, including the best use of wired and wireless technology in your home, the right plan is crucial for achieving optimum results. audio and video wired is critical to getting optimum results.

AudioQuest Category 7 Network Cable

Audio and Video

Maximizing the performance of your new or existing gear can often be as simple as changing the interconnect cables and speaker wiring. Both analog and digital cables vary a great deal in performance. In order to get the most from your gear, and allowing it to perform at its best, using the right cable for the job should always be a primary cables are always my first consideration.

There are so many different types of interconnect cables, HDMI, component video, analog audio (balanced and standard), optical (Digital) audio, co-ax digital audio, USB, Ethernet, and a whole lot more. When properly selected and used, In each of their specific areas of use they can really make a difference; delivering better sound, better picture, and increased speeds (maybe revise increased speeds to improved response times). These are just some a few of the basic enhancements the right cable can offer. you will realize by upgrading your cables. At The Little Guys, no question on cables is considered too small. We see it as an important part of your overall system design and would be happy to show you the difference the right cable can make.

Additionally, choosing the correct cable, actually protects your investment from minimizes the damage done by the insertion of any by the use of the wrong cable or wire.

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AudioQuest Vodka Optical Audio Digital Cable

Power Cords

If I told you heard that the free power cord provided in the box with your latest electronic component, or the one that your content service provider gave you included with the cable box or satellite receiver, was not allowing your limiting your optimum picture and sound, to be as good as they it could be would you be surprised? We were surprised the first time we heard it. In fact we were very skeptical, how can changing the power cord on a cable box make the picture better, or how can changing the power cord on a receiver ultimately provide better sound? Be prepared to be amazed, we were. The difference was significant, not only on our demo system in the store but in our homes as well. At The Little Guys we are passionate about high performance and we welcome you to stop by to see and hear the difference the right cable can make. Or, learn more about this from AudioQuest.

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AudioQuest Power Cord

Speaker Wiring

This is one of the simplest places to experience the improvement through a basic upgrade of your speaker wire. Allowing the most information to accurately pass between your source and the speakers is the goal. After all, any wire added affects the results. We just want to minimize the damage to the signal which occurs when the wrong cable is used. Our best results have been obtained by using AudioQuest wires and cables(s). Offered in a range of sizes, throughout the various price ranges, starting with starting from 14/2 (inch? What is the dimension we are discussing?) and beyond, their entire line delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Call or stop by so we can help you through the selection process, so you can maximize and fully enjoy your audio investments. o and going through their entire line of exceptional offerings.

AudioQuest Speaker Cable

Line Conditioning and Surge Protection

Line conditioning (often referred to as power conditioner, or power line conditioner) is a device intended to improve the quality of power is delivered to electrical load equipment. While there is no official definition of a power conditioner, the term most often refers to a device that acts in one or more ways to deliver a voltage of the proper level and characteristics so the load equipment can function properly. In some uses, power conditioner refers to a voltage regulator with at least one other function to improve power quality (e.g. power factor correction, noise suppression, transient impulse protection, etc.). The terms “power conditioning” and “power conditioner” can be misleading, as the word “power” here refers to the electricity generally rather than the more technical electric power.”

Adding a good line conditioner/surge protection device will not only protect your equipment from damage done by the constant fluctuations in voltage, but it will improve your picture and sound. By eliminating most of the noise on the AC line. View a quick video that explains why there is noise inherent on AC lines.

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Audioquest Power Conditioning

Audioquest Surge Protection and Noise Reduction

Panamax Surge Protector

Surge Elimination

The SurgeX technology was initially developed to ensure the electric field used during Gel electrophoresis remained constant. In 1995 SurgeX announced its presence in the AV industry and has been the technological leader ever since.

SurgeX Advanced Series Mode technology combines true surge elimination, EMI/RFI filtration and unsurpassed analytical software to help businesses diagnose, monitor and protect sensitive AV systems. It completely eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances that can degrade equipment performance.

Here is a video explaining the difference between Surge Suppression and Surge Elimination-

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True Whole-Home Surge Elimination

Surge Elimination for a Single System

Selecting The Right Solution

At the The Little Guys we will help you match up the best possible options based on your needs and equipment. We have most everything in stock and are happy to let you audition the ones we think are right for you. We have been helping customers get the best quality audio and video for over twenty years. No question is too small, and you can count on us to help you make the right selection for your needs.

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