Why the Little Guys

Because at the big guys you are just a number, never get to talk to the same person twice, and are forced to make very important decisions with very limited and often wrong information. We’ve earned the loyalty of many home owners who formerly purchased from companies like Tweeter, Circuit City, Pacific Stereo, Playback, Silo, Fretters, and Highland just to name a few. These same home owners started with the thought of saving money, but in the end didn’t get what they wanted, or worse yet, had something that could not be serviced or integrated with other components in their home.

We are the ones who are constantly asking “What if…”

We Are Passionate About What We Do

By providing you with The Little Guys experience, we have outlived a lot of the big guys who come and go from the marketplace because they cannot meet the customers’ expectations. Since our inception in 1994 we’ve been designing, installing, and delivering excellent service to our customers. How do we do this? We provide and ensure our customers have access to the right information so they can make informed decisions, but more importantly, so they can make full use of it and enjoy it. The Little Guys experience is what differentiates us from the rest. From the initial visit, either in the store or at your home, to the post installation follow up will be handled as quickly and professionally as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and by providing the best products, training for our installers, programmers, sales staff, and staying ahead of the curve, we can get you the best blend of reliability, ease of use and maximum Video and Audio performance.

How Can The Little Guys Compete On Price With The Big Guys?

This is easier than you would expect. We have a very good relationship with most of our suppliers and our ability to show their best products in our showroom and demonstrate them correctly makes us very important to them. As a proud member of the number one professional buying group in our industry, HTSA (Home Technology Specialists of America), we are not only able to purchase gear at competitive pricing but get the most advanced information and technology trends before they are commonplace. This gives us a chance to be part of the testing groups for the manufacturers. We check out products long before they are available to the public. What does this mean to you? It means we have advance access to information and technology so you can make fully informed purchase decisions.

The Right Choice

Here at The Little Guy’s we’ve helped families make technology simple for 20 years. We provide advanced, professional, and creative resources dedicated to ensuring your project’s success. From beautifully integrated design to the finest home technologies, we’ll guide you through each step of the design and installation process to make certain you have exactly the products you need, the features you want, and the personal attention that will make the home of the future a joy to own today. The Little Guys are there for you from simple to the extreme. Whether you are picking out a new display (they used to be called TV’s), to building out your home theater or creating a whole house automation system that will put the control in the palm of your hand, we are here to put the right solution together for you.

Choose The Little Guys and let us help enhance your home and your life by embracing todays’ technology.

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