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OK we know you can get up and turn off the lights in whatever room you are in. We also know it’s easy to flick on the outside lights for the evening. How about not having to remember to do it, or not worrying about whether you turned off the lights throughout the whole house? Why not be able to touch a button on the nightstand or on your phone and control ALL of your lighting, regardless of whether you are in the house or not. Any lighting scene can be accessed with the touch of a button from a wall mounted keypad, your PC, cellphone, tablet, or car, so that driveways and pathways are perfectly lit upon your arrival! With an added automated climate and shade system, you can program the system to monitor each room and execute unique climate and shade settings which optimize energy efficiency and ensure every room is just the way you want it.

The Little Guys Multipurpose Brands
The Little Guys Multipurpose Brands

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