My Network is “Fine”…

We do a lot of in-home consults here at The Little Guys.  One of the things we always press on is the network. We usually start early in the process with the question: “How’s your network?”. It’s almost always followed by “My network is fine.”

We file that away and start talking about what they would like to do.  Audio in various rooms, a TV over here in the Living room and over there in the Master bedroom (Which of course is on the opposite side of the house from where the cable providers router is.) They want to “cut the cord” so streaming video through their Apple TV or Roku is very important.

Inevitably, there is no network jack anywhere near where they want the new TV.  Turns out, Their “fine” network has no hard-wired jacks anywhere in the home! We spend some time talking about how wireless technology has advanced a great deal over the years, but for full 4k streaming, a wired connection is going to provide the best results.

This is usually where they admit that “Netflix does buffer a lot in the living room…”  

They understand, but often the conversation often continues: “I guess we’ll have to connect it to the Wifi and see how it goes”.

This is usually when one of the kids who were lurking behind volunteer some important information.

“Dad, I keep telling you the Wifi doesn’t work up here at all!”  This is usually where we also discover their “fine” network needs to be unplugged and plugged back in “At least once a week”.

So let me ask you something…

Is your network really “fine” if…

  • The cable/modem comes in on one side of the house in office. (Sometimes in the basement even)
  • There aren’t any wired jacks anywhere in the home.
  • The WiFi signal is barely strong enough to use in the Kitchen and if you go upstairs it drops out completely.
  • Often you have to call your provider who advises you reboot your router and then the internet works again!

At The Little Guys, we don’t think that’s a fine network.   Wouldn’t it be nice if:

  • Wifi just worked everywhere in the home?
  • Your wifi was fast and consistent?  Even when multiple devices were streaming at the same time.   
  • When you went to Netflix or Amazon it just started playing instead of entertaining you with a spinning circle for minutes at a time?
  • You could not remember the last time you had to unplug the modem and wait five minutes and then plug it back in?

We can make that happen!  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to set up your own consultation and quote a fix for your “fine” network!