The “Not So Simple” Simple TV Installation

We’re guilty of it too- focusing and highlighting the larger, complex, and coolest systems and installations. Let’s face it, looking at photos of installations with 200-inch screens, giant sound systems, awesome outdoor systems, and state of the art home automation systems is fun! It’s the flashy car going down the street, the ring loaded with diamonds, the eye-candy of the industry. We know those systems very well and execute them better than others. But what about those complex “Simple” jobs that at the end of the day go unnoticed after they are done? The ones that really require a pro to do correctly?


Here is a great example of one of those jobs. Hanging your TV over your fireplace is very common these days. The problem is that not all fireplaces are created equal. Some have drywall around them, some a flat brick, or in this case a very uneven and irregular stone. Your new TV is flat- and so is the bracket! A flat bracket on the uneven stone is a recipe for a challenge!







That’s where having the pro’s come in is paramount. Our installers know just what to do. They layout the ideal placement on the stone, scope out the edges and figure out how to both work with what the stone gives you, find the correct structure to mount into so the TV is secure, and plan out just the right hardware to make the backplate straight, flat, and level! In this case, as you can see in the picture the best place for the mounting plate was not in the middle, but rather a little offset to find the best anchor point. The installers know exactly how to use the flexibility in a good mounting bracket to achieve the goal.






In the end, we get a great clean install, straight and level, and one that will probably go unnoticed because the situation is so common. We know however that it takes an experienced installer to make this “not so simple” simple install appear just that; Simple.

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